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A Kodi installation on your Mac can make this happen for you. It will add live TV, streamed stations and even the ability to watch downloaded films from USB with a remote control and make it a much easier and more fluid experience.

[XBMC] Harmony Mac Mini XBMC Setup - How To - Flirc Forums

In this article we cover installing and using the software on your Mac and include ways of improving the user experience like remote controls and finding new add-ons. Kodi began as an open source alternative to set-top boxes Okay, nobody can put anything on top of their LCD TVs now, but in prior times, TVs formed a convenient shelf.

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Their stability depends on them being a closed system. Not so with Kodi, which can be a TV box, a movie box or a streaming audio and video player.

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Go here to get the latest version of the Kodi software. Installing the software is a routine matter of downloading the appropriate DMG disk image and dropping the icon into the Applications directory. Whether you download the 64bit or 32bit version is up to you, but if your processor is Core 2 Duo and up, you should probably go for the bit version. Once installed, you can run the program and then using the cursor keys to navigate. Macs used to ship with these little model A remotes,. The newer remotes which look more like this.

On the newer remote, the Play button is underneath the navigation buttons. Left and right slides through the menus, and up and down drills down to the submenus below.

Enjoy the silence: Twitter was down and we were free

You can skin the interface with a large number of interface add-ons right out of the box. Keyboard is good for basic characters but is too hard to the symbols and numbers but nor usually necessary for film browsing. We have a Wii remote and there are one annoyance compared to it. When you mice the cursor off screen it doesn't track the mouse movement. It just stops, so if you are not paying attention, when you come back to the screen you have to "find" the cursor again to pick up where you key off. Maybe different technology to the Wii remote but how old is the Wii now?

I'd expect better See All Buying Options.

Sync a TV Remote with an Apple TV

Findlay scotland. Does the job it was made for. Bought it as we lost the old remote, works perfectly well and ideally.

That's not you, right?

Currently unavailable. Love this remote had another air remote but with no IR copying. This feature has saved me having 4 remotes. Will buy again but next one I get will be a backlight version. I am generic remote free. Well recommended.

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I purchased this as a replacement for my previous Rii8, which was damaged significantly after a botched repair attempt it was stood on multiple times until the keyboard was pushed under the case which make use a bit difficult. The replacement is a different design to the previous one I used and, despite being cheaper, the quality is just as high; the plastic used actually seems of higher quality too!

Mac Mini Media Center

Once I uninstalled Remote Buddy, all was well. As you can see from the photo, I couldn't coax the MacBook to work at the TV's full resolution, but it's still way more watchable than the laptop screen. Other small random things don't work on my Mac the way they do on the Xbox, like the CPU temperature reading, as shown.

No more logging into secret FTP sites to download software, exploiting games, or modding required—simply install and go. Secondly, your Xbox doesn't come with a full keyboard and mouse, but your Mac does, and this makes entering text and browsing directories much easier and faster. No more configuring Samba shares or cracking open your Xbox case to install a bigger hard drive.

For example, you can simply run your favorite Mac BitTorrent application in the background, and have it drop videos into your XBMC source directory automatically. Are you an XBMC fan and user? What's your verdict? Let us know what you think in the comments.