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Reis, Y. Fang, X. Lu and X. Environmental Pollution. Vigouroux, M. Palm, E. Mahieu, T. Warneke, D. Smale, B. Langerock, B. Franco, M. Van Damme, M. Schaap, J. Notholt and J. Retrieval of ammonia from ground-based FTIR solar spectra. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. Brasseur, P. Ciais, N.

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Global change: Put people at the centre of global risk management. Fleischer, K. Rebel, A. Arneth, J. Erisman, M. Wassen, B. Smith, C. Gough, H. Margolis, A. Cescatti, L. Montagnani, A. Arain and A. Low historical nitrogen deposition effect on carbon sequestration in the boreal zone.

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Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences. Greef, J. Babouraj and M. Medical Acupuncture. Grinsven, H. Erisman, W.

Potential of extensification of European agriculture for a more sustainable food system, focusing on nitrogen. Berger, M.

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Wang, K. Strassburg, J. Schoeman, R. Vreeken, H. Harms, M. Kobayashi, T.

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Mediators of Inflammation. Verwer, L. Klement, J. Burkart and E. Alternative and Integrative Medicine. Lundqvist and M.

Volkskrant Magazine

A cross-sectional study on Swedish licensed nurses' use, practice, perception and knowledge about complementary and alternative medicine. Scand J Caring Sci. Bonthuis, L. Struik, C. Almekinders and E. Adapting Value for Cultivation and Use testing to stimulate the release of improved varieties for the organic sector. Prynne, S. Almoosawi, D. Kuh and A. Trends in food consumption over 30 years: evidence from a British birth cohort. Witkamp, T. Hankemeier, T. Fan and J. Bridging the seen and the unseen: A systems pharmacology view of herbal medicine. Download full text pdf, 0,73 MB; opens in new window More information.

Seitzinger, S. Gaffney, G. Brasseur, W. Broadgate, P. Ciais, M.

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Claussen, J. Erisman, T. Kiefer, C. Lancelot, P.

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Monks, K. Smyth, J. Syvitski and M. December, p. Stroeve, J. Kremer, B. Phenotypic flexibility as a measure of health: the optimal nutritional stress response test. Genes Nutr. Thapa, S. Brenninkmeyer, S. Gunnarsson, J.

Food – Anna van Steenbergen

Heerkens, C. Verwer, K. Niebuhr, A. Willett, G. Grilli, S. Thamsborg, J. Prevalence and magnitude of helminth infections in organic laying hens Gallus gallus domesticus across Europe. Veterinary Parasitology. Erisman, L. Clarisse, E.