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They allow you to quickly jump directly to specific and important sections of a PDF and also guide you through the clutter of pages to the most relevant part of the file. When you work with large books or documents, it is essential that you use a PDF Editor with support for Outlines, as it not only saves your time, but also benefits your final result. Similar to how the Index in a book helps to tell you what page number a certain topic is printed on, Outlines in a PDF help you navigate the content with ease. When you're navigating through a page book or report, endless scrolling is not what you need.

It is much easier to switch between handy outlines.

They remind you the content of the paragraph and can be found with a single click. Our PDF Expert supports outlines and a lot more incredible features. One of the most common use cases of creating Outlines in a PDF file happens to be in the Legal industry. When dealing with a case, lawyers often need to consolidate paperwork and documents from different sources into a single file.

Although this is done to make handling the paperwork easier, it results in creating a really long PDF file with all kinds of content and images. Outlines in a PDF file help you to keep such a problem away from your busy life. As you are preparing a case, PDF Expert for Mac makes it super easy to create a Table of Content ToC for all the important sections on your pdf file, so that you can have handy access to it when you need it the most.

PDF Expert outlines are flexible. This means that you can easily rename, change the destination and even rotate them. Right click on your outline and voila! Sometimes, an interesting part of a book consists of several paragraphs. You can transform every paragraph into sub-items for a particular chapter, i. This can help you to keep your sidebar clean and can be achieved with a simple drag-and-drop action.

You are welcome to get a free 7 days trial to check PDF Expert out. Please don't hesitate to let us know what you think. Thank you for downloading PDF Expert! We will send you link shortly.

How to create outlines in PDF file? Click this menu, and click Undo. Word provides file format converters to open some files that were created in other applications, such as Open Office. These converters are installed with Word. On the File menu, click Print. On the Printer pop-up menu, select the printer that you want. Select the options that you want, such as the number of pages or which pages you want to print, and then click Print.

Opening the word file format in earlier versions of Microsoft Word requires a file formatting converter. When you initially try to open Word file in earlier versions of Microsoft Office, the convert file dialogue box appears on the screen. The XML file format is introduced in Word Word needs to go through a conversion process in order for the XML file to be opened, edited or saved to the new version.

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In order to open your document you need to install the XML converter on your computer. New Features When you open Word for the Mac, the following screen will display: Word Training for Mac 1 Explore the Word user interface Menu bar: The area at the top of the screen where all menus are displayed.

The File, Edit, and View menus have the most commonly used menu commands. Standard toolbar: The toolbar that displays the name of the document in this case, Document1 and buttons for some of the most common tasks, such as opening, saving, and printing a document. Ribbon: The tabbed command bar at the top of a window.

Pages for Mac: Create a table of contents in a Pages document

The ribbon is a supplement to the traditional menu bar. It combines the Formatting Palette and Elements Gallery from previous versions of Office, and gives you quick and convenient access to the features and tools that you use the most. Commands are organized into the tabs such as Home tab, Layout tab and are included in the ribbon for formatting, inserting elements, and layouts.

Getting started with the ribbon and the element galleries. By using the layouts you can change the page margins for the whole document, change the page margins for part of the document, indent a paragraph to change its margins and set default margins for all new documents. To know more about layouts see, Change Page Margin. Commands for page set up can be found under the layout tab. Here you can find the commands for orientation, page break and size.

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The size gallery displays several different paper size options which allows you to change the size of the pages into different ratios. Microsoft comes with several predefined document elements that allow you to add pieces to your document, like a cover page, a table of contents, a header, a footer, and a bibliography. These features can be found on the document elements tab. If quick style or theme were previously applied for writing the documents, these elements will coincide with style set, style colors, and the style font. For example, if you are not satisfied with the current title page of your document, you can add a predefined cover page.

The command for the cover page is found under the Insert Pages group. Selecting Cover will display different options and you can click on the option that you like and the cover page will be added to your document. It allows you to add relevant information like title, subtitle, the author, date and abstract if needed. The next documents element section allows you to insert the table of contents. This element uses the heading styles that have been applied to the text in the document.

Microsoft Word

You can view the different table of contents options by clicking on the right arrow or down arrow. Also in the header and footer commands view some options that we can choose for adding header and footer in the document. You can put the header or footer for odd pages, even pages and all pages through these options. You also can add page numbers to your document by using the Header and Footer section. Another document element allows you to add a bibliography or work cited in the References command.

To insert a table use one of the following options: On the Tables tab, under Table options, click New , and then click and drag across as many rows and columns as you want. You also can draw a table by using the Draw Borders command. In Word you can create a chart in a Word document. However, the chart data is entered and saved in an Excel sheet.

Word for the Mac Training | Technology Help Desk | Luther College

If you insert a chart in Word a new sheet is opened in Excel. To create a chart follow the steps below: On the Charts tab, under Insert Chart , click on chart type, then click the one that you want to add. When you insert a chart into Word, an Excel sheet opens that contains a table of sample data. You can replace the sample data with the data that you want to plot in the chart and as you enter the data into the table you will get your chart on word document.

Word Training for Mac 10 Review Allows you to track changes made, comments and share the documents. Contextual Tabs In Word , contextual tabs are visible on the ribbon when the insertion point or selection is in a certain context in the document. Word Training for Mac 13 When you create a chart and click to edit it, you will find two extra tabs; chart layout and format appearing in the purple color shown in picture. To rearrange the tabs click on the right side of the ribbon, then and click Customize Ribbon Tab Order.

Drag the tab to where you want it and click Done. To hide tabs you can click on the right side of the ribbon, click , and then click Customize Ribbon Tab Order.

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Click Hide tabs in ribbon and click Done. Using the Action Pop Menu you can customize your ribbon in many ways. You also can click on to minimize the ribbon while you are working on the documents and to expand the ribbon while you are working click on Toolbox The Toolbox contains Reference Tools, Scrapbook, and the Compatibility Report in a Word document. Word Training for Mac 17 To change the display settings of the tool bar you can click on Toolbox Settings and make the changes you want. Themes and Templates Templates and Themes are files that help you design interesting, compelling and professional-looking documents.

Click a template that is similar to the one that you want to create, and then click Choose. Add, delete, or change any text, graphics, or formatting, and make any other changes that you want to appear in all new documents that you base on the template. On the File menu, click Save As. On the Format pop-up menu, click Word Template.