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  1. How do i backup leopard install dvd?
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If you're still on Tiger, here are a gaggle of free Mac backup utilities for you to use. But seriously, if you don't already: Back up your Mac. Maybe you go through the entire Snow Leopard upgrade process only to realize that your one, essential, company VPN application isn't yet compatible. Maybe you accidentally lose files or apps in the upgrade process, or you just decide you hate Snow Leopard and want to go back to Leopard stat.

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One great way to ensure you can go right back to your working Mac's state before an upgrade is to mirror the current state of your Mac on a bootable external hard drive. Even if you've got a Time Machine backup, grab another external drive and clone your Mac's internal hard drive.

With a bootable clone on hand, if anything goes wrong or you just want to boot back up into your old Mac's environment settings, apps, data, and all , you can do so by holding down the T key Option key, restarting your Mac, and choosing the clone as your bootup disk. Here's Apple's full set of system requirements. That is, you can't start with a formatted Mac hard drive and install Snow Leopard only, which is kind of a bummer for geeks who like to do totally fresh, from-scratch installations. Correction and update: While we can't absolutely say before Friday whether or not the final release will work this way, it's very possible it will.

My apologies for the mistake!

How do i backup leopard install dvd?

Thanks to commenters RudolphDer and dark42 for asking! Upate 2: If you're already running a relatively clean installation of Leopard, and you want to make this update as easy, fast, and painless as possible, you're just going to pop your Snow Leopard DVD into your Mac's drive and go. I did this using the Dev Preview of Snow Leopard on a well-used and cluttered Mac, and things went just fine.

This is the upgrade path Apple wants you to take and suits most folks—with a good backup, you've nothing to fear. The only possible disadvantage to this approach is that some old logs and system files you don't need might stick around. Serious nerds who want their Snow Leopard installation absolutely pristine and come from the Windows school of wipe-and-reinstall can go all-out and format their Mac's hard drive, reinstall Leopard, upgrade to Snow Leopard, , install Snow Leopard and then restore their data from backup and reinstall all their essential apps.

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  6. Make a backup DVD of Snow Leopard? - Apple Community.

The one advantage to this approach is that you can take the opportunity to repartition your Mac's hard drive in the process though if it's Boot Camp you want, you can set that up any time , not just when wiping your drive. You'll also know for sure your Mac is completely cruft-free. The disadvantage to this approach is that it's tedious and time-consuming. The Snow Leopard installation can take 45 minutes to an hour, then you've got to restore your Time Machine backup depending on how much data we're talking, this can also take up to an hour and then you've got to reinstall your applications.

How do i backup leopard install dvd? | MacRumors Forums

Sep 15, Page content loaded. Oct 17, 7: Oct 18, 2: Oct 18, 3: Oct 18, 6: Oct 18, More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Barb75 Barb I just bought a family pack of Leopard and installed it on three of our family computers. I'd like to make a backup DVD, just to have in case something happens to the original. I successfully made a disk image but then discovered that my blank DVDs were 4. I tried opening the disk image and it says, "To install Snow Leopard use your disk utility to back up this image to a dvd.

I used the compressed mode for copying, which was the default, so suppose this is as small as the Snow Leopard data can get. Thanks for any help. Reply I have this question too I have this question too Me too Me too.

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  • Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. You can boot off the key just fine using the "hold down the option key" method when booting. It's a lot more portable and less fragile than a DVD. It can, of course, be reused for the next release, in fact mine used to hold Leopard. Speedwise it seems slightly faster, possibly because of the reduced access time, but I didn't test it.